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Intervju med L.J Smith författaren av The Vampire Diaries böckerna!


Ja, för er som inte vet om det, så skrev jag till författaren Lisa Jane Smith (författaren till The Vampire Diaries Böckerna) för ett tag sedan och jag fick svar på de frågor sm jag skrev till henne på hennes hemsida, vilket är kanon kul! Det är verkligen härligt att författaren är så öppen för sina fans.
Nedan är frågorna som jag fick svar på ;)
Hey again Lisa!

1. I wondering where your ideas come from when you had write Damon and Stefan Salvatores characters. They are really good and I love theme both. 

 2. And I wondering how you started to writing about The vampire diaries?
(Where you home when you started writing or were you in a forest when you started to get up the idea of vampires, for ex.)

3. How did you get the idea of two brothers who loves the same girl?

P.S Never Stop Writing, Love your work!
ljsmith's AvatarHi again Steffi--

Well, as most of you know--or maybe you don't--I didn't have any particular interest in vampires before I wrote THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. I was totally innocent about publishing trends and fads and I just wrote what I wanted to write without even taking a look at what was selling. (Bad idea if you want to sell a lot of books.) But also I was writing what came from my heart, so I can't really condemn it. Anyway, I had taught kindergarten/special ed for three years while those first two books came out, and I simply had enough of terrible school conditions. I was working on an adult book when I got a phone call from a book packager. After this--well, just currently I don't know what I can say and what I can't. But the upshot was THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

I didn't really need to create Damon--he was all the fey, cold, bad boyz in my mind rolled into one. (By the way, he very nearly wasn't. My editor suggested making him "Euro-sleaze"--you know, sort of a disgusting adult gigalo. Look the word up if you don't understand it.). But I couldn't do that; I already knew him better.

As for Stefan, I read everything I could on vampire legends in different countries, and came up with a shy, thoughtful, rather stiff, gentle-until-he's-roused character whose life was molded by two things: his wicked brother and the great tragedy which had happened when he lost Katherine (book spelling). Well, and for him, becoming a vampire was another tragedy, and of course that molded him, too.

Again, Stefan would have been a football hero character, if my editor had had her way. She even told me that the original plan was to photograph a football player and then make him sort of weird-looking. So I tried to incorporate athletics in his relationship with his guy friend, Matt, but otherwise keep it to a minimum. Stefan is a bit like Hamlet, who knows what he wants to do, but can't bring himself to do it. I wanted him to want Elena so badly that, considering the guilt he always carries around, he just can't bring himself to draw her in.

Stefan took a lot of work. I brainstormed with friends and eventually filled up a whole notebook with ides for him and his tragic life.

The idea of a love triangle has been in my mind since I was 10 and my father took the family to see Lerner and Lowe's movie Camelot. That was what started my love affair with King Arthur and Guinevere and Lancelot, which of course is played out in THE SECRET CIRCLE, only with the sexes reversed. Arthur is Diana, the leader; Cassie is her loyal knight, devoted to her; and Adam gets to play the damsel torn between two lovers. The story of King Arthur has always fascinated me, and you'll find many homages to his immortal themes in my stories.

P.S. Thank you! I won't ever stop writing while I can make marks on paper.


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  1. Hey I wonder why you wrote the book and what is related to the book?