måndag 4 maj 2020

Midnight Sun av Stephenie Meyer släpps den 4 Augusti!

Boken är äntligen här!! Som jag har längtat efter denna nyhet! Författaren Stepenie Meyer har äntligen valt att lansera  boken Midnight Sun den 4 Augusti 2020! Jag kan inte beskriva hur glad jag är övar att vi snart får ta del av Edward Cullens perspektiv. Jag har alltid varit ett stort fan av Twilight sagan och det kommer alltid påminna mig om min ungdomstid. Stort tack Stepenie Meyer! 

Nästa stora grej är ju om boken. Jag hoppas verkligen att den kommer leverera precis som alla andra böcker författaren har skrivit. Det har trots allt gått en lång tid och jag vet inte hur författarens syn på berättelsen har förändras. Jag hoppas självklart till det bättre. Sedan är jag lite nyfiken på val av framsida till boken. Jag hoppas verkligen det blir något vackert. Hittills är jag lite skeptisk.

Midnight Sun (Meyer novel) - WikipediaTwilight The Lion Fell In Love with The Lamb

Såhär skriver författaren på sin blogg: 

Dear friends and readers,
First of all, I hope that you and your families are all safe, healthy, and in a good place. That’s the main thing.

Second, I’m happy to announce that Midnight Sun is finally (very close to) ready! And will be in bookstores on August 4th. I hope this announcement doesn’t seem ill-timed; I really considered delaying the release until the world was back to normal. However, 1) who knows when that will be? And 2) you guys have waited long enough. Much longer than long enough, actually.

I don’t know how everyone else is coping, but right now books are my main solace and happiest escape. Personally, I would be nothing but delighted if one of my favorite authors announced something new for me to read. (No pressure, Laini Taylor.) So, I hope this announcement gave you some pleasure and something fun to look forward to.

Working on a book for more than thirteen years is a strange experience. I’m not the same person I was then. My children have all grown up. My back got weird. The world is a different place. I can only imagine all the things that have changed for you. But completing Midnight Sun has brought back to me those early days of Twilight when I first met many of you. We had a lot of fun, didn’t we? Throwing proms and hanging out in hotel rooms and reading on the beach (while getting the most epic sunburns of our lives). We made hilarious t-shirts and fabulous websites. We found kindred spirits that are still in our lives now. I hope going back to the beginning of Bella’s and Edward’s story reminds you of all that fun, too.

Stay tuned this summer—we have lots more fun things planned. Music (of course), contests, information on the book tour, and more will be posted on this page. I hope to see all of you soon! It’s been too long.


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